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"The band Kalüün plays through the times right into your heart!"

Inselbote, 23.04.2014 -Festlandseite

"As someone who became involved in Irish music and then devoted to it, because of its implications of another direction for music in general, I have to pronounce my own judgment on the music of Kuluun and it is this: I have never heard a band anywhere in Europe indulging in this joyous refusal to eat the city's conscious, daily drivel, its drive to be cooler than thou for just a day by reproducing and, on the example of Irish music's more genuine leaders, improving the music of their own dear forefathers. The fact that they chose a song of my own(Cedars of Lebanon), composed in rural quiet and based on my memories of a long-lost childhood, to treat in this way merely makes me appreciate their perspicacity and the justice of all our choices. I am eternally grateful for this chance to hear voices in another language, one that needs hearing: North Frisian, a real language spoken by an ever-shrinking but indomitable race of people. "

Irish Songwriter Thom Moore, Ireland 2014

"Amazing Sounds of traditional and new folk music, and the audience was amazed. „We have been waiting for this for 20years“, says Kalle Johannsen, a key figur in the frisian music scene... ."

Inselbote, 07.04.2014

"...not only the frisian lyrics were spactacular, but also the qualtiy of the band, who amazed with their music... ."

Wir Insulaner, Nr. 07/2014

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