Willkommen - Welkimen

Welcome - Velkommen

  • Dennis

    Dennis Werner

    guitar, 12-string guitar, vocals

  • Keike

    Keike Faltings

    vocals, fiddle

  • Jan

    Jan Faltings

    mandolin, bouzouki, vocals

  • slide4

    Dirk Werner

    cajon, bodhrán, djembe

About Kalüün

Traces of bygone days, the fates of men, and melodies. They remain ever-present in our lives; some have been scattered to the winds in the course of centuries past, others forgotten completely. Some lie deep and dormant, etched into the very foundation of a unique outlook on life that is so characteristic of North Frisian Islanders. Wending their way along these spoors are KALÜÜN, a trio of young musicians from the island of Föhr and the North Frisian mainland whose profound passion for music has kept them connected for over ten years. Hand in hand they have walked paths through diverse musical styles, paths which wind through Celtic influ-ences, American Folk, and even open to breathtaking vistas of traditional Scandinavian melodies. The years on this musical journey have not only ripened KALÜÜN’s characteristic sound, but have also cultivated a growing desire to trace their own Frisian roots. And with this newfound fire, KALÜÜN sets out to pursue the old ballads and dance numbers of the island of Föhr with youth-ful curiosity, tempering the new life it breathes into these sounds with respect, while at the same time treading ancestral paths with a nuanced sense of language and skilful, original arrangements. The listener holds the product of this creativity as one would a treasure map, not one of ink or paper, but of traceable resonance. Those who follow these paths are bound to find jewels both old and new, jewels which tell tales of life at sea and on the island, tales of longing, vitality, dig-nity, and the specific mentalitiy of the people of Föhr.


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